Driving Job Vacancy

Driving Job Vacancy

Drivers are those employees of the company or industry who are responsible for carrying guests and materials from one place to another depending on the nature of the organization. The job of a driver relates to the proper delivery of passengers and goods to the destined place. They are responsible for the security and safety of the people and items. It is assigned to them for effective placement in the right place at the right time. Being a driver of an organization you will require keeping the proper maintenance of the vehicle and ensure its good condition. So, if you are also planning to get the job of the driver then you can apply for driving jobs in vacancy in the foreign land like Kuwait.

There are different departments in the company. They all perform their own functions. The operation of the company runs smoothly when all the departments work as a team. It means the team plays a vital role in the success of the business. A single fraud may create misunderstanding and hamper the activities of the organization. Thus, an effective and cooperative team should be formed by the employers by selecting potent and skilled workers. However, the employer provides training to the needy employees but they must have a positive attitude so that there won’t come any issues regarding the duty schedule or any other work-related matters.

Therefore, an employee should be loyal and reliable towards the hiring managers and the management. It also creates good and strong relations between the management and the workers. Proper preparation and effort will support an applicant to face every possible challenge and helps to overcome them with confidence too. So, you will have to take supportive steps and move your boat in the right direction.

What are the skills of driving job vacancy?

Generally, driving skills are the abilities possess by a person who is involved in driving vehicles. The people having driving skills have engagement in driving heavy vehicles like trucks, buses, etc. Driving skills also include the knowledge of traffic rules, maintenance of vehicles, and problem-solving skills. Such skills are achieved through the training, education, or found within the person.

Some skills that the drivers need to possess are described below:-

  • Proper driving record

To become a driver of a company one must have good driving skills. There must not be any negative record of driving that reflects a bad impression towards the employer. Since you will have to drive regularly for delivery of goods or people you should be well-known about the traffic rules. It is the matter of concern and there must not be any legal traffic citations. Having a clear record of driving will add a plus point to your resume that supports you to be employed in the applied industry.


  • Navigation

One of the responsibilities of a driver is to unload the passenger and the items in the right place at the correct time. You will have to ensure the safety and security of the loaded things and place them in the destined location. Hence, a person with navigation skills can move in an accurate direction by reading a map or using the natural sense of direction. It assists them not to be unknown in unfamiliar locations and deliver the products safely.


  • Customer service

Drivers may have to communicate with different people of the society. Depending on their post they may have to transport people and products from one place to another. At that time, they will need to collaborate with the businesses or customers. Proper interactions with people will help you to enhance your communication skills as well as develop a strong relations with the community or clients.


  • Basic maintenance knowledge

As automobiles are machinery items there is no guarantee that it won’t get damaged or raise any issues during the shifts. Hence, being a driver of a vehicle you should have at least basic knowledge of repairing so that you can fix the minor problems that may exist unexpectedly in the future. Similarly, while hiring the employees the hiring managers seek those candidates who can fix the simple issues. It will be a support for the company as well as there won’t be any effect on your schedule.


  • Physically strong and fit

Since a delivery driver requires driving their vehicle for more hours for loading and unloading the ordered items, they should be physically fit. Furthermore, they may require carrying the goods for loading in the vehicle many times which also requires a driver to have physical strength. Hence, a healthy driver is hired by the company for getting the assigned works done before the deadline.


  • Efficiency and time management

Time management is the key to success. Without a proper time schedule, one cannot perform correctly on time. Moreover, drivers should complete their tasks on time and accomplish the assigned goods in the proper place in a timely manner. Thus, the employers expect their drivers to have great time management skills that will help them run their company on a regular schedule and also respect the value of time.


  • Problem-solving

The next skills that a driver should have are capable for problem-solving. During the course of time, there may be any uncertain incident. It should be solved by a driver with their critical thinking power or problem-solving skills. Problems like road closed, flat tire, etc. may arise during your shift. Hence, it’s up to you to see things logically and apply techniques to solve it. So, you should be able to handle any difficult situation that may take place.


  • Detail-oriented

Especially a delivery driver should be detail-oriented as they need to deliver the products to the right place to the right customers. Their duty is to make sure that the goods are properly placed at the destined location at the agreed time. Hence, a driver should also possess this skill.


  • Good concentration and knows traffic rules

Since the job of a driver is to drive along the road for many hours you should have good concentration while driving. As anything may happen you must not get distracted and be aware of distractions. Additionally, you should know about the traffic rules and regulations so that you can drive safely and do not break any signals.

How much money does a driving job vacancy make in Kuwait?

Normally, the salary of a driver highly depends on their experience, knowledge, and abilities. It also may vary from lower post to a higher one. A person working in Kuwait as a driver typically earns around 400 KWD per month. The salary ranges from 210 KWD (lowest) to 610 KWD(highest).

Example of driver cover letter

(Name of the applicant)


(Email Address)


Dear Hiring Manager,

I am excited to be applying for the post of the driver in ABC Company. In more than 3 years of driving experience, I have found this occupation very rewarding to help the people and products reach the destined places. I have met with interesting and different people with whom I have conversed during their ride to the destination place. Many people have entered my vehicle and they all prefer calling me a friendly, jolly, and responsible individual as they always had a safe and relaxing ride.

Throughout my career, I have worked with several organizations which has enhanced my skills even more. I am able to drive motorbikes, trucks, cars, etc. with equal skills and facilities. I also possess an authorized driving license of every level. When working as a truck driver in Trucking Corporation I had delivered the materials to the long distances and was always on time. Similarly, having a huge experience of riding I am familiar with all the traffic rules and ensure a safe rides to the passengers.

In addition, I have also worked as a driving instructor in Flagship Institution. Due to this I have gained extra essential knowledge of driving and boost up my confidence while traveling long distances. I believe I can be valuable asset to your company and enhance the capital with my skills and experiences.

Hence, I would be glad to have an opportunity for further discussing my skills in the next meeting. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your consideration.


(Name of the applicant)


(Contact details)

Delivery Driver Interview Questions

It is sure that various kinds of questions are asked by the interviewer to the interviewee during the time of an interview. They may ask very situational and tricky questions to evaluate your performance. Hence, you must prepare well before you go for an interview. Prior preparation helps you to speak confidently and without any nervousness. So, try practicing frequent questions as they are very helpful to overcome the last phase of the selection process.

Some commonly asked questions for the interview of driver are as follows:-

  • Do you have a clean driving record?
  • What driving and delivery experience do you have?
  • What would you do if you get lost while driving?
  • How do you keep yourself focused while driving?
  • Have you ever been in a car accident?
  • Describe your customer service experience.
  • Why do you want to be a delivery driver?
  • Why do you choose our company?
  • How do you handle a difficult situations?
  • Have you ever deal with a difficult customer?
  • How flexible is your schedule?
  • Introduce yourself.
  • What are your interests and hobbies?

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