How To Apply For Student Visa In Korea

How To apply for student visa In Korea

Do you need to check in Korea? during this article, we glance at what visa you would like and the way to use for a student visa to the Asian nation, step by step.


1. Decide that visa you would like
What quite a visa you’ll apply for depends on your status and for a way long you may study in the peninsula. There are four completely different visa variants to decide on from for those that need to check-in South Korea:

Take a brief course on visa discharge – up to ninety days for many nationalities
Citizens of EU (except Cyprus and Portugal), u. s., Australia and lots of alternative nations are entitled to trip peninsula for ninety days as a traveller while not a visa. Canadians will keep for a hundred and eighty days whereas Portuguese and Russians can stay for sixty days. Some nations are restricted to thirty days, and a few countries cannot trip peninsula while not a visa. scan additional here.

You can take a brief program on visa discharge in the Asian nation among your allowed limit. You can, for instance, take a language course or a summer course at a university. If you don’t have time to use for a student visa to the peninsula, it’d be attainable to enter peninsula on visa discharge and switch to a student visa when you arrive however before you have got overstayed your visa waiver. Please refer to your faculty before trying this resolution. If attainable, it’s best to use for a student visa before planning to the peninsula.

When travelling on visa-waiver, you get a stamp in your passport on arrival, and you don’t ought to apply for a visa back home. Please note that you just should be ready to show that you leave peninsula among the allowed fundamental measure. You don’t ought to have a round-trip ticket home; you’ll show a ticket to a different country likewise as long as you can prove that you just can leave peninsula on time. The airlines sometimes check this once you sign in, associate degreed while not an exit price ticket, you would possibly be denied to board your flight to the peninsula.

If you would like to remain in Asian nation for over ninety days, and you can’t apply for a student visa (for example, if you are taking a protracted language course at a college that can’t sponsor a student visa), you’ll leave Asian nation quickly and return once more to increase your stick with another ninety days. For example, you permit the Asian nation on day eighty-eight of your visa discharge to go to national capital throughout a weekend. once you come back to the Asian nation, you get another 90-day stamp in your passport. Note that you just will solely try this once. this is often a loophole and zip that the authorities in the Asian nation would advocate. Please see along with your faculty to visualize what they advocate before trying this.

Student visa – valid for your entire study amount
If you’re going to study at a Korean university for over ninety days, then you ought to apply for a student visa. to use you would like a Certificate of Admission from a Korean university. to get such a document, you always ought to get hold of a minimum of two terms of ten weeks every. Korean universities give four terms of ten weeks per school year.

A student visa is named a D-visa, followed by the variety that varies betting on what you may study in the peninsula. On a student visa, you’ll apply for the proper to figure part-time when you have got studied in the peninsula for 6 months. refer to your university for additional data.

Working vacation visa – study or work for a year in the Asian nation
Another option for those that need to remain for an extended amount of your time in the peninsula is that the working vacation visa (H-1 visa). It’s valid in a very year; you’ll solely get one’s life once you are between 18-30 years previous. On an operating vacation visa, you have got proper to figure and study at personal establishments like language colleges.

According to our latest data Asian nation has operating vacation Agreements with Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Canada, European country, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, New Sjaelland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Great Britain and also the u. s.. scan additional regarding the operating vacation Visa at the Korean Embassy.

Family Visas – the simplest visa for individuals of Korean heritage
If you have got antecedently had Korean citizenship or if you have a parent or forebear WHO has had it, you’ll apply for an F-4 visa that’s solely accessible to individuals of Korean heritage. This visa entitles you to figure and study in the peninsula for 2 years with none restrictions. Then you have got the chance to increase your visa. scan additional regarding the F-4 visa here.

During the remaining steps, we are going to primarily specialize in the scholar visa since that’s what most students would apply for.

2. Apply to a college in the peninsula
Before applying for a student visa, you need to apply and acquire admitted to a Korean university. Universities usually have specific application windows. For the appliance you always need:

  • The school’s form
  • A copy of your passport
  • Your highschool certificate in English
  • Proof that you just have will finance your studies in the peninsula

We can assist you with the appliance to check abroad semesters at Hanyang University in national capital and Korean language courses at Konkuk University in Seoul. Then you are doing not ought to submit finance.

3. Get your visa documents (if you have got applied for a university)
After you have got been admitted to a university program, it’s time to pay the schooling fee (which sometimes is incredibly cheap in Korea). Once it’s been paid the university can send you a Certificate of Admission and/or a Confirmation of Visa supplying. once you have received this document, you’ll apply for a student visa at the Korean embassy in your home country. If you want to enter peninsula on a student visa, we tend to advocate that you just pay your tuition fee no later than two months before your program starts. this could offer you enough time to receive your admission documents and apply for the visa. If you don’t have enough time to induce a student visa before your program starts you’ll trip the Asian nation on visa discharge, as a final resort, and transfer to a student visa on-site as we tend to delineated below headline one higher than. Contact your faculty for additional data regarding this before you permit.

4. Apply at the Korean Embassy in your country
You apply for a visa at the Korean embassy in your home country. Here you’ll notice the address, web site and alternative contact details to the Korean embassy in your home country.

Contact the Embassy or your faculty if you have got questions about the visa application. Below you which ones documents that are sometimes requested at the embassy once you apply for a student visa or operating a vacation visa. Please note that this data may dissent for various embassies and nationalities thus check that to ascertain the directions on the Korean Embassy’s web site in your country for additional details.

For student visa

  • Your passport in original with a replica of the photograph page. The passport should be valid a minimum of half a dozen months when the planned entry to the peninsula.
  • A crammed in visa application (see the embassies’ website)
  • Visa application fee
  • 1 passport photograph
  • Visa documents from a Korean university (see headline 3)
  • Proof of finance
  • If you attend a university exchange program, extra documentation is also needed.

For operating a vacation visa

  • Your passport in original and a replica of the photograph page. The passport should be valid a minimum of half a dozen months when the entry to the peninsula.
  • A crammed in visa application (see the embassies’ website)
  • Visa application fee
  • 1 passport photograph
  • Proof that you just have access to a minimum of $ twelve,000
  • A round-trip ticket among one year
  • Proof that you just are insured throughout your keep in the Asian nation
  • A one-page description, in English, of what you may neutralize the Asian nation
  • A health certificate crammed in by your doctor

All documents should be in English or Korean. Don’t forget to countercheck with the Embassy what documents are needed in your country.

5. Get your visa
In Sverige, it always takes regarding the period of time to induce your visa when the Embassy has received your visa application. Waiting times may dissent in alternative countries. Contact the embassy if you’re wanting time to visualize if they will assist you quicker. you need to collect your visa in person at the Korean Embassy unless you employ a visa agency that will the task for you.

6. Flight and landing card
Make sure to go away enough margin if you book your flight before you have got received your visa. Otherwise, you’ll book it as presently as your visa has been issued on the other hand costs could be higher. don’t forget to induce decent student insurance for your studies in the Asian nation.

On arrival to the Asian nation, you may be asked to fill in a very landing card. If you’re travelling on visa discharge, you’ll indicate that you just are a traveller. If you enter on a student visa, you ought to write that you just are a student.

7. Alien registration and attainable visa extension
Foreign nationals with a visa that lasts for extended than ninety days shall apply for associate degree Alien Registration Card at the Immigration workplace in the peninsula. Apply among your initial ninety days within the country to avoid fines. If you have got cosmopolitan to the peninsula on visa discharge you can not apply for Alien Registration till you have switched to a student visa. Your Alien Card may be used as an associate degree ID card in the peninsula. associate degree alien card together with one entry visa will function multiple entry visa per the Korean embassy.

If you extend your study amount in the peninsula or if you were unable to secure a student visa for your entire keep before travelling to Korea, you will apply for / renew your student visa on-site. First, you pay the varsity for remaining semesters then you’ll move to the Immigration workplace to prolong your visa. refer to your university for additional directions. you’ll scan additional regarding fees and needed documents at here you’ll conjointly apply for a visa extension directly on-line at a reduced worth. here


How To apply for student visa In Korea

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