How to get a student visa in Australia

How to get a student visa in Australia

If you’re reaching to study in Australia for an extended amount of your time you’ll get to apply for a student visa. Here we have a tendency to guide you thru the applying method step by step. How to get a student visa in Australia

If you’re taking a brief program, as an example a language course, of most twelve weeks you’ll be able to use a traveller visa. If you’ve got an operating vacation visa you’re allowed to check for sixteen weeks. For university studies and every one longer program you’ll be got to apply for a student visa by following the steps below:

1. Apply to a faculty in Australia and obtain a CoE

Before you’ll be able to apply for a student visa to Australia you need to be listed at an Australian faculty. when you’ve got received a proposal letter from a faculty, accepted the supply in writing and paid their tuition deposit the college can send you a CoE, Confirmation of entrance. you’ll like this document to start your visa application. If you’ll consider many programs, as an example 1st take a preparative language course and so study in school, you’ll like one CoE for every program.

How to get a student visa in Australia

We have a partner UN agency can assist you freed from charge with the applying to all or any universities in Australia fill out a data request, therefore, we are able to facilitate you!

2. produce Associate in Nursing account with the Australian immigration authorities

Nowadays you unremarkably apply on-line for Australian visas. Before you begin your visa application you’ve got to make Associate in Nursing account at

They will raise you to submit your name, signalling and e-mail address. Then you get to make a positive identification and settle for their conditions.

3. certify that you simply have all the required documents in digital format

To apply for a student visa you’ll like the subsequent documents:

Your CoE
An OSHC insurance. See our study abroad insurance FAQ
A passport that ideally ought to be valid for your whole keep in Australia since it’ll be difficult to exchange your passport there once you study on a student visa
Proof of temporary keep: on your application, you’ll certify that you simply solely attempt to stay temporary in Australia. you’ll be able to support this claim by attaching a symptom of employment or a letter from your faculty in your home country or similar documents.
Depending on wherever you apply from and where you’ll study extra documents are required. Some common documents you may would like are:

Additional id documents like a certificate

Proof that you simply will finance your studies, like a financial statement
Proof that you simply have enough data to pass your meant studies, like certified grade reports and IELTS-test result.
Proof of previous employment like Associate in Nursing contract, paychecks etc.
Documentation of criminal offences if you’ve got ever been guilty.
To get an additional complete document list to attend and use the Document listing tool. There you fill in your status and faculty and obtain an in-depth list of required documents. you furthermore might got to opt for UN agency your sponsor is, opt for “None of the above” unless you’re certain that you simply belong to at least one of the opposite classes.
If you apply on-line all documents ought to be uploaded in a very digital format. therefore it’s sensible if you’ve got access to a scanner once you do the applying otherwise you will scan everything before. All documents ought to be translated to English by an authorized translator. you’ll be able to save your application and continue later if you miss some documents.

4. Complete the visa application on-line

You should apply for a student visa taxonomic group five hundred. the applying is created at the earliest 124 days before your course starts (according to the date on your CoE). You apply online. scan additional and follow the directions at

On the primary page, you fill in your status and your CoE code(s). you ought to conjointly opt for your Education sector, as an example ELICOS for language courses or education for courses that results in a university degree. additional data is obtainable on the shape.

Thereafter you’ll be asked to submit personal details, family details, answer questions about your previous education and work expertise, and submit details concerning your health and record. you’ll be able to save the applying and take an occasion if you would like.

5. Pay the visa fee and obtain a TRN-number

When you have completed the applying you ought to pay the application fee that presently is 575 AUD. the best is to pay it with a MasterCard on-line. scan additional concerning the payment here

When the applying and payment are finished you’ll get a receipt with a TRN-number (Transaction Reference Number). certify to avoid wasting it, therefore, you’ll be able to check the standing of your application.

6. attainable health scrutiny and interview

Depending on wherever you’ll study and where you reside you may conjointly get to do health scrutiny and/or a visa interview. you’ll receive this data concerning this once you complete the applying higher than if it applies to you.

Don’t do the health scrutiny before you’ve got completed the applying as you’ll need your TRN-number and you will get directions on what you would like to see. On this page, you’ll be able to realize doctors in your country that are approved by the Australian Immigrations to try and do this scrutiny.

7. Get your visa call

How long it takes to induce you visa call depends on wherever you’re applying from and the way busy the Australian immigration authorities are. In our expertise, you always get your call among one or some of weeks once your application is complete. you’ll be able to check the standing of your application by work in to the immigration web site (with the account you created in step 2) and if required enter your TNR-number. Log in at:

Normally the Australian authorities can inform you by e-mail once your visa call is prepared. Your visa is electronic therefore if you would like physical proof of you’ll be able to print the grant letter that you simply receive on-line once your visa is approved.

8. visit Australia

Once you’ve got received your visa you’ll be able to enter Australia at the earliest ninety days before the course begins date written on your CoE. If you’ve got not engaged accommodation through your faculty you ought to inform them of your address in Australia among seven days of inward there.

Usually you’ve got the correct to remain in Australia for thirty days when your course ends or sixty days if your course lasts longer than ten months. of these date limits should be written on your visa and if that data differs from what we have a tendency to write here you ought to forever follow the directions on your visa.

Disclaimer: Please note that the Australian authorities will create changes to the visa application method while not notifying us. totally different rules will apply to different nationalities therefore forever scan the directions from the immigration authorities fastidiously. the data within the article higher than is correct to the most effective of our knowledge however we have a tendency to can’t control to blame for any error which may occur while not our knowledge. once doubtful forever trust the official sources and visit them if required.

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