Jobs in Kuwait for fresher

Jobs in Kuwait for fresher

Fresher are those who do not have experience in the related field. They may know but they lack experience. The company allows hiring fresher when they require active and young candidates. Similarly, in Kuwait also there are various positions where the fresh graduates can apply and achieve their dream goals. Moreover, Kuwait is the richest country among the other gulf nations. It has the highest currency in the world. Different industries and businesses are established for the development of the nation. Since the country is rich in oil and petrol the job related to oiling and petrol has a broad scope in Kuwait. Hence, if you are also interested to go abroad and upgrade your career then choosing Kuwait as your destiny will be the right choice. Here is the right writing that delivers the information about jobs in Kuwait for fresher.

However, being the Arabian country the rules and laws are very strict there. So, it is necessary to learn about the laws and conditions of the state before heading towards it. Proper knowledge of the destination country will make it easy to adapt to the new environment and you can work freely. Furthermore, the people in Kuwait are welcoming in nature. They welcome every nationality and also respect their religion. Thus, you also have to respect and try to understand their culture. For the development of the nation, various industries are emerging and seeking the right employees. There is no need to have a great experience as the employers also announce the vacancy for fresher.

Therefore, trying through the proper steps will help you to gain the goals of your life. It is necessary to have a passion and believe in yourself to get success in life.

How to get a job in Kuwait as a fresher?

Getting a job as a fresher especially from a foreign land is quite difficult. Since there is very high competition between the applicants one should have the ability to prove themselves unique from others. Then only the managers will have the attention upon you and may hire observing your performance. Furthermore, the employee who wants to join the companies in Kuwait firstly should get a work permit visa from their employer. It is mandatory to receive an offer letter and apply for a working visa. The employers will extend the time of the visa after you land in the state.

It is also essential to have clear medical reports from the authorized hospital as the employers are more concerned about the health. They reject the recruitment of applicants who are unhealthy and physically weak. However, there will be a facility of health but you must be healthy before you arrive in Kuwait. Moreover, you should a valid passport that is valid for six months. You can extend the maturity period by consulting with your employer. Talking about the ways to find a job in Kuwait as a fresher the first thing you can do is checking the sites of the popular job portals. These portals publish the latest vacancy of the companies and you can connect with them after fulfilling the demand of the job.

The next thing you can do is creating a professional profile on the page of online job sites. It is vital to make an effective and informational job profile so that the seeking employers can easily connect with you.


it is better to insert all the relevant and true information so that further issues may not take place in the future. The second thing you can do is visiting the official page of the company. Through the help of the internet, you can contact the hiring managers and converse about the new vacancies. Next, you can take part in job fairs and events conducted by the hiring companies. You will have the chance to meet with the recruiters and also learn about the new job openings. Furthermore, building proper networks with the recruiting agencies and people living there also supports you to get the employment opportunity in Kuwait. Hence, make a connection with more people so that you may get their support being employed in a foreign land.

What is the procedure for obtaining a work permit visa? (Jobs in Kuwait for fresher)

Generally, the work permit visa means permission to the foreign candidates to come and work in the respective land. An individual is not allowed legally to work and stay in another land without applying for a work permit visa. This visa can be extended with the consent of the employer. It is quite complex to find a job in Kuwait as the government encourages employers to recruit the residence first. It means their citizens are their priority and when there is a need for more employees then only the employers can hire the employees from the foreign land.

To obtain work in Kuwait firstly you will require applying for a work permit visa. The country issues three types of visas they are work visa, domestic visa, and dependent visa. You can choose any of them and apply to enter Kuwait. However, the sponsors for these visas are different. The sponsor can be the employer, dependent, or the member of the family residing there. If you want to go to Kuwait then the employer will be your sponsor. They issue visa only to those employees who possess valid employment offer.


the employer also registers your name for the residency visa after your arrival and you can also request to have a Kuwaiti card when you have passed 30 days in Kuwait. It may take one to two months for the completion of a residency visa. Moreover, there are other visas like tourist visa, visit visa, and entrance visa which depends on the purpose of the employee’s requirements, stay, and preference. The following are the requirements of the employees arriving through work permit visa in Kuwait:-

  • A valid passport not exceeding six months of the expiry date.
  • Visa application issued by the Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Passport size photo
  • A medical report reflecting clear medical condition i.e. (HIV/AIDS)
  • Clear police report ensuring no criminal record.


when you submit all these documents properly you will receive the No Objection Certificate that allows you to enter Kuwait and you can work freely in the applied company. Besides you can also sponsor your family and let them stay with you in a foreign country. It is a good opportunity for those who wish to establish their career working abroad. So, try hard and make efforts so that one day you will the goal of your life.

Jobs in Kuwait for fresher

Mainly the industries prefer hiring the expertise so that they do not have to pay extra charges for their training and development. But there also exists the companies that permit the fresh graduates and give them a chance to explore themselves with their support and instructions. It is better to make yourself prepare for the recruitment process and build up your confidence to stand out from the crowd. As there will be lots of people waiting their turn to achieve their career objectives you must do proper preparation for proving yourself unique from others.

Some of the jobs that are available in Jobs in Kuwait for fresher includes:-

  • Account Manager
  • Auditor
  • Maintenance Worker
  • Office Assistant
  • Sales Representative
  • Risk Analyst
  • Tutor
  • Translator
  • Driver
  • Soft Developer
  • Warehouse Worker
  • Sales Manager
  • Compliance Officer
  • Nurses
  • Quality Assurance Coordinator
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Audio/Visual Technician
  • Senior Solution Architect
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Medical Delegate
  • Career Development and Performance Lead
  • Learning Program Manager
  • Senior Landscape Architect
  • Safety Officer
  • Site Interior Designer
  • Mechanical Engineer

What is the average salary of the workers working in Kuwait?

The pay scale of the workers joining the Kuwait companies depends on their experience and abilities. Some employers may raise their income through the evaluation of their work performance whereas some enhance the income by observing their experience in the company. The salary statement of some employees working in Kuwait can be listed below:-

S.No. Job Title Average Salary(KWD)
1. Engineer 18,516
2. Chartered Accountant 23,551
3. Manager 21,164
4. HR Manager 19,381
5. IT Manager 27,900
6. Architect 18,487
7. Accountant 10,940
8. Doctor Specialist 31,677
9. Financial Analyst 18,487
10. Software Developer 12,877

Why is Kuwait an admired gulf nation by the candidates?

Kuwait is one of the gulf nations that consist of a majority of Muslim people as their citizens. Since the Arabians are friendly and welcoming in nature you will find diversity in the work environment. Moreover, the employers are good enough to motivate their employees and take good care of them too. As employees are the assets of the company they should be satisfied with their work. Likewise, employees are offered various facilities so that they can enjoy their work and increase their performance level.

The only reason for admiring Kuwait as a work destiny is the facility of no taxable income. Whatever you earn is yours and you can fill it in your pocket with no obstacles. Additionally, extra hours are also paid in the requirement of the organization. Besides, you will get free airfare once a year so that you can meet with your friends and family. You will also get the facilities like free food, transport, annual vacations, health insurance, gratuity funding, etc. Therefore, because of these benefits more numbers of people are being attracted to Kuwait for work and living. However, you are not allowed to live permanently there but some certain period will be permitted.


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