Security Guard Jobs in Kuwait 2021

Security Guard Jobs in Kuwait 2021

Security guards are the employees of the organization who protects and safeguards the assets. A business is started with the support of capital. Capital is the blood of a company. Without it, a business does not exist. Sufficient capital will lead a company to achieve its targeted goals and can deliver satisfactory service to its clients. Moreover, to eliminate the chance of loss of such capital and assets of the industry the employers hire capable and trustworthy securities to protect the company and their employees too. So, if you have interested to work as a security guard then read the useful article regarding the security guard jobs in Kuwait 2021.

Normally, the security guards are hired by the company to watch out for any harm or loss. They are assigned various duties and responsibilities that should be fulfilled on time. The security guard of a company plays a vital role in its safety. As the future is uncertain anything may happen. Hence, to control the uncertain risk and reduce the chance of damage or loss securities are employed by the industries. The employers seek for the trained and professional securities so that they can perform well during the time of emergency. Furthermore, visitors cannot enter the company directly. They require conversing with the security first and after the approval of the management, they will have permission for entrance.

Therefore, if you want to become a security guard then first you should have gain proper training and possess a good knowledge of safety measures to apply at the right time. Effective knowledge and experience will support you to get the job in the preferred location. So, try your luck only after being fully capable of the applied jobs.

What role does the security guard jobs in Kuwait 2021 of a company play?


There is a significant role of security personnel for the safety of a company. Since the management relies on the security and delivers them with the responsibility of a company they should be loyal and sincere towards their work. It is the responsibility of security to create a safe and secure environment for the property and the staff. As a security, you should keep an accurate record of the unusual happenings on the premises. They have to report in detail any incident that took place in the operation. There is no fixed duty time for the security guards. They may be deployed in any required area with flexible schedules.

Likewise, working in different shifts let them understand the atmosphere of various timing. To identify any crimes they need to do regular patrolling and analyze any frauds or criminal acts. They will also need to check the attached surveillance to find out the proof for any illegal activities. It is necessary to monitor and control the access in the main entrance and the vehicle gates. Security should be capable of providing first aid service to needy people whenever there is an emergency. To become a security guard you must have relevant skills and experience or training in security.


you should have the ability to detect the problems and operate the emergency equipment. It will be beneficial if you have excellent knowledge of public safety and security procedures. You should be detail-focus and have surveillance skills too. The qualification that a security guard requires is the completion of a high school degree. Additionally, you should have a good knowledge of the laws and rules of the state as well as the company. Hence, being security you will have to maintain the rules and regulations and also should have the potentiality to detect those who break the laws.

What can I do to become a security guard?

Being a security guard of a business company is not an easy task. To be proficient in security you must have got proper training from a reliable institution. You should be having good communication skills both written and oral. It is necessary to think critically and quickly. Moreover, you will require working independently and be legally allowed to carry a handgun for safety. A security guard should be mindful of customers and public-oriented so that service can be provided properly. Thus, it will benefit if you have a good capacity of doing the right judgment and reduce the chance of risk in dangerous situations.

What steps are useful for the interview of security guard jobs in Kuwait 2021?

The interview is the last phase that permits the employer to hire the interviewed candidate after passing it. The candidate may be nervous as different questions may be asked by the interviewer during the interview. Hence, prior preparation is very important to overcome the challenge. You may have questions about how to stand out from the crowd. But no worries we are here for you to make you learn about the important tips that will certainly permit you to boost up your confidence.

Here go some useful tips that will certainly help you to face the interview confidently:-

  • Ensure your resume is perfect

Since a resume is the first mediator between the employer and the employee, it should be created in a systematic form. It should be short and sweet and must not exceed two pages. It is essential to fill the resume with the relevant information that truly exists within you. Moreover, you should insert correct details so that the managers can easily connect with you and do further discussions. As the employer is the busiest person they do not have enough time for reading all the things in a resume. Hence, it should be formed attractively so that the managers get attracted and go through your resume.


  • Research the company

Before you go for the interview you should do proper research of the company. It will support you to speak confidently with the questionnaire. Furthermore, by studying about the company you will know about the recent activities done by it. You can have the information about the employers and the policy of the company. Having the proper knowledge of the company will enhance your confidence and let you face the interviewer confidently.


  • Practice frequently asked questions

It will be helpful if you practice the commonly asked questions for the interview. Prior practice will make you active and tackle properly with the asked questions. Similarly, you can also take help from the internet or several sites that will make you ease to get the list of normally asked questions. Thus, it is necessary to learn and practice the questions that are common for the job interview of a security guard.


  • Provide examples of how you solve the problems

Giving a good example of the situation when you became able to tackle with will reflect a good impression toward the employers. Additionally, you can describe the raised conditions and tell them the story of solutions too. It will reflect your tackling power and how you handle the situations.


  • Do regular follow-up

After the interview, it is required to do regular follow-up for the further process. It shows your interest and dedication towards the company and the job. Hence, try to check the mails or send the mails to the hiring companies for getting a quick response either it is positive or negative.


  • Carry required documents

Since the employer would like to observe your academic qualifications and achievements it is better to carry all the required documents while going for an interview. Make a proper filing of the essential documents and head towards your journey of success.

Security guard commonly asked questions

Here is the list of the frequently asked questions that will help the candidate to overcome the interview:-

  • Tell about the time when you solve the problem with the help of teamwork.
  • Describe the situation when you handle the angry public during the operation.
  • What do you do during the downtime on the job?
  • Are you technically skilled?
  • Are you recently CPR certified?
  • Describe the two people shown in the picture.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Why are you interested in this job?
  • Why do you want to join us?
  • Do you consider yourself an attentive person?
  • What about your career goals as a security guard?
  • Describe your previous experience as a security guard.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses as security personnel?
  • How comfortable are you to work alone in the evening shift?

Security Guard Resume Sample

(Contact Details)

(Email Address)


Professional Summary

Professional security personnel with 4+years of experience in corporate security. Possess an eagerness to apply for a reputed company where I can fully utilize my skills and abilities and provide an effective safeguarding environment for the safety of the company.

Work Experience

Security Officer

ABC Company, New York, USA (2018-present)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Monitor 300+ outlets of the company and ensure the proper safeguard of the doors and windows
  • Inspect and adjust security system and did frequent patrolling activities for the protection
  • Train new security guards as per the rules and regulations of the company
  • Examined the surveillance and deployed required security in the overall premises of the property
  • Maintain daily logs and submit reports of any incident that took place during the operation

Security Guard

Palin Mall, New York, USA (2016-2018)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Called police or fire departments during the time of emergency and handled the situation
  • Provided first aid service to needy people when required
  • Operated 60 surveillance cameras to monitor interior and exterior premises of the company
  • Greeted customers and visitors and had effective communication too
  • Permit only the regular customers and inquired about the newcomers


  • Team Leadership
  • Good Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Organization and critical thinker
  • Prioritization and physically fit
  • Fluent in the English Language


  • B.S. in Criminal Justice

East brook University, 2016

  • A.A in Criminal Justice

East brook University, 2014


  • CPR Certification/2017

American Red Cross

  • Armed Guard License/2015


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